Landscape Services 

Looking for something new outdoors?  Maybe you just need something spruced up. 
Either way, we've got this.
  1. Landscape Design and Installation
    Landscape Design and Installation
    Our job is to help you decide what you want your landscape to look like, and then make it happen. We design and install flower beds, borders, patios and more.
  2. Tree & Shrub Prunning
    Tree & Shrub Prunning
    Pruning is necessary to promote good plant health, remove damaged limbs, encourage new growth, and maintain shape. Let H2E prune your trees and shrubs during the appropriate times.
  3. Sidewalk Edging
    Sidewalk Edging
    "Grass pruning", if you will, keeps grass tamed back from walking paths, creating a clean look.
  4. Bulk Mulch Sales
    Bulk Mulch Sales
    Hardwood, dyed, playground chips... H2E has several options in stock and can deliver to your property, or you can pick it up!
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