Lawn & Landscape Services

You love your lawn looking good.  We can help with that.

  1. Weekly Mowing
    Weekly Mowing
    Let H2E keep your lawn looking great with our professional mowing. All lawn edges are trimmed and surfaces blown free of debris afterwards.
  2. Core Aeration
    Core Aeration
    Core aeration reduces soil compaction, creating a channel through which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate into the soil. H2E aerates in early spring and late fall.
  3. Lawn Treatment Applications
    Lawn Treatment Applications
    Make your lawn healthier with nutrient treatments, as well as control the pesky weeds and grubs. Sign up for H2E's 5-step treatment program! (IL LIC# CA 14729843)
  4. Power Raking
    Power Raking
    Power raking removes thatch (dead plant material) which builds up under the surface of a lawn and blocks water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil.
  5. Overseeding
    Plant grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. It's an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve turf density, and enhance your lawn's color.
  6. Lawn Rolling
    Lawn Rolling
    Rolling a lawn firms up the surface of the lawn. H2E recommends rolling lawns before the grass turns green in early spring.
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